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Robotic precision, laparoscopic excellence, and unparalleled expertise in lap. re-do-hernia with north India’s largest series of 3D laparoscopy.


Dr. Sachin Ambekar

Empowering Health Through Surgical Excellence: North India’s, Leading Laparoscopic Surgeon, Harnessing Expertise to Heal Injuries, Disorders, and Diseases.

Currently associate as Medical Director and Director of Department of Minimal Access Surgery at Minimal Access Smart Surgery Hospital (MASSH) in Delhi. Mastery in Robotic and Laparoscopic Surgeries, with Specialization in Lap. Re-Do-Hernia. Unmatched Expertise in North India’s Largest Series of 3D Laparoscopy. Proficient in Precise Diagnosis, Tailoring Optimal Treatment Plans, and Delivering Superior Surgical Care.

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Dr. Sachin Ambekar

[Laparoscopic and Minimal Invasive Surgeon, Bariatric Surgeon, FIAGES, FALCS, FASI, FMAS, MS (Gold Medallist), MBBS]


Dr. Sachin Ambekar’s Expertise

Dr Sachin, with his perfect blend of experience, expertise, and knowledge, is enabling a revolution
with 3D Laparoscopy in the region along with thyroid surgery, breast surgery, Gastrointestinal (GI) cancer surgery, piles surgery, fistula surgery, weight loss surgery.

– Two-port Scarless Technique for Gall Bladder

– Abdominal Surgery Abdominal Wall Hernia Reconstruction

– Fecal Diversion Foregut Surgery

– Fistula Surgery

– Piles Surgery

– Appendectomy & Hernia Surgery

– Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery

– Biliary Surgery Colon Surgery

– Complex Abdominal Hernia Repair

– Diagnostic Laparoscopy

– 3D Laparoscopy

– Gastrointestinal Surgery

– Laparoscopic Liver Surgery

– Laparoscopic Solid Organ Surgery Lift

– Trauma Surgery


Dr. Sachin Ambekar

Dr. Sachin Ambekar, As a pioneer in North India, he has performed over 1500 successful 3D laparoscopy surgeries, pushing the boundaries of surgical excellence and establishing himself as a trusted and sought-after name. His contributions span over 800 publications in esteemed National and International journals, including the prestigious British Journal of Surgery, earning him immense respect for his expertise and knowledge. Dr. Ambekar is a prominent figure in the media landscape, frequently engaging in live talks and interviews on national and international television shows. Recognized by CIOLOOK INDIA as India’s most renowned Surgeon to watch in 2023, he leaves an indelible mark on the field. Beyond his professional achievements, Dr. Sachin Ambekar is known for his compassion, earning him the endearing title of a “people’s Surgeon.

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Laparoscopic Surgery

Laparoscopy revolutionized surgical practices by offering a minimally invasive alternative to open surgery, effectively addressing its limitations. This advanced technique involves the use of a laparoscope, a slender illuminated tube equipped with a camera. By eliminating the requirement for extensive incisions, laparoscopy enables clear visualization of the surgical area. Small incisions are strategically placed to accommodate the laparoscope and specialized surgical instruments. The camera transmits a magnified, high-definition view of the surgical site to a large monitor, empowering the surgeon with enhanced precision and clarity.

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